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Sony Is Giving Away Real PS4 Platinum Trophy To Two Players

Sony is giving away two real life PS4 Platinum trophies to celebrate the 2020 PlayStation Player Celebration. This competition is open to everyone and will require a player to sign up for the event and complete goals common for everyone.

To participate, the player must sign up on PlayStation’s official website, and help complete community goals. The player can do so by playing games and earning trophies in them. Once enough trophies are earned by the community collectively, all the players who signed up will get items such as PS4 avatars and themes, both static and dynamic.

Fans who want the real life platinum trophy will have to take an extra step. After signing up and helping complete the community goals, they will need to answer a skill based question. It is unknown at the time what this skill based question is, but it will be revealed to the fans on March 17 at 11 AM PST. Along with the real life trophy, the two winners will also get a grand prize, which includes PSN codes for some of the best PS4 exclusives and a $100 voucher for PSN store. The games include God of War, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition and The Last of Us.

While trophy hunting is not everyone’s forte, there is no reason why anyone should miss this contest. With nothing to lose at stake, players who sign up for the contest would definitely leave with a sweet dynamic theme and some avatars for free. The competition may be tough for the real life trophies, but people who anyway go the trophies could try to win the real deal.

Source : PlayStation