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Solgames: A seamless transition from Web2 to Web3 for gamers, game developers and designers

Solgames solg token

Solgames is a gaming marketplace that utilizes the Solana blockchain to bring game developers, gamers, and designers together in a single ecosystem. The platform offers web3 as an infrastructure for game developers and is a play-to-earn gaming platform with web3 games for every player. 

Solgames makes it easy for web2 games to transition to web3 by introducing NFTs and SOLG tokens into the solverse. The platform also offers an SDK for game developers to launch their games and earn royalties. Access to the entire Solgames ecosystem is granted through the purchase of NFTs, which game designers create as unique collections for each game. Before game players start playing, they need to buy the NFTs and SOLG tokens.

Solgames offers digital assets that grant access to play any game on the platform. Additionally, users can trade these assets in the Solgames marketplace, allowing game developers and designers to earn a commission. 

Our Features

The Solgames ecosystem is known for its flexibility and transparency to game developers, players, and fans.

Its core features include – 

Tokenizing web games, the $SOLG token, a Marketplace for trading gaming assets, and staking for fortifying earned cryptocurrency. Web and open-source games with high potential can provide value to developers by utilizing the on-chain web3 infrastructure. Crypto rewards and NFTs can tokenize these games.

$SOLG Token: in the Solgames ecosystem, the $SOLG token is proprietary, and its utility is across staking, marketplace, solgame, and much more. 

Staking: to fortify the crypto rewards earned and won through solgames, the cryptocurrency can be staked.

Portfolio: Besides earning game developers and game designers can build their portfolio by becoming a part of the solgames ecosystem.

What are Solgames?

Solgames is a gaming marketplace built on the Solana blockchain that enables game developers to release their games and earn rewards every time a user wants to play their games. Solgames also allows game developers to earn rewards every time a user purchases in-game assets (NFT rewards, SolG tokens) or trades them in the Solgames marketplace. These rewards are earned in perpetuity. In addition, developers receive a custom dashboard where they can showcase their work and contributions to the gaming industry. This is similar to GitHub for game creators, as it provides a central location for displaying their proof of work and allows them to get paid for it.

Solgames Tech behind the work

Players can receive incentives in the form of NFTs and SolG tokens while playing the game. These tokens can be exchanged on opensea or different DEXes.

To access the games on Solgames, users must purchase Solgames NFTs, making it a unique login system. Once logged in, they can browse a variety of games and have access to a specific collection based on the NFT they purchased. Solgames plans to add a multiplayer component in the future. Game developers can easily launch their games on the platform by linking their GitHub codebase to Solgames. Our APIs will handle the rest, ensuring smooth integration. There are no extra steps or complications, making it a clean and efficient process.

The Real problem solver

The traditional gaming industry can be challenging for game developers due to the laborious and creative process of creating a game. This process is accompanied by a number of difficulties, such as choosing the best platform, auditing, launching, promoting, and integrating the game. 

Additionally, the revenue share earned by developers is often small and unfair. Solgames aims to address these issues by providing a platform that allows developers to easily launch their games and earn rewards through in-game purchases and trading. The platform also offers a dashboard for developers to showcase their work and contributions to the gaming industry.

The revenue share earned by game developers is often inadequate and unfair. Solgames believes that a developer’s ability to leverage their expertise and competitive edge in the market should be determined solely by the quality of their game and that developers should be the only ones to benefit from their hard work, rather than having to share it with middlemen. Additionally, the infrastructure required to release a game can be complex and difficult to navigate. Solgames aims to make this process easier by providing a platform and SDK that simplifies the process of launching a game and earning rewards.

In essence, Solgames aims to eliminate all of these issues and restore the code’s ability to determine its past, present, and future.

Game NFTs and Game Tokens

The use of cryptocurrency in the real world has increased with the emergence of web3 gaming and NFTs. According to the Blockchain Game Alliance, over 1.4 million crypto wallets are used to authenticate with web3 games on a daily basis. The growth of web3 gaming and NFTs has provided new opportunities for the use of cryptocurrency in the gaming industry. Solgames is a platform that utilizes these technologies to provide a unique gaming experience for developers, gamers, and designers. It represents almost 49% of the total blockchain usage.

Solgames has two major NFT to showcase to our users.

Platform Pass (NFTs)

Solgames first set of 7777 General Platform NFTs are quite unique and they provide certain Benefits such as:

  • Recharging
  • Gaming
  • NFT minting

Additionally, platform NFT holders will be given a special Discord role and access to an exclusive private channel. Solgames recognizes the value and support provided by its NFT holders and offers exclusive perks and benefits as a way of thanking them for their support.

Game NFT

Players can now access and play the games on Solgames by owning one of the 9999 NFTs available on the platform. The limited number of NFTs ensures that each one is unique and valuable, providing players with exclusive access to the games on the platform. Solgames offers a variety of games for players to enjoy, and the purchase of an NFT is the first step to joining the solgames ecosystem.

For Developers

They are the masterminds behind the development of the games. Solgames is just a gaming platform. But the vast plethora of game developers who have designed and developed all the browser-based games are the pillars of solgames.

Solgames provides Web3 as an infrastructure to the game developers that can upgrade any browser-based game with blockchain infrastructure.

Upon tokenizing the games, they can earn maximum commission and royalties every time the users play, compete and win. Moreover, each game has its own NFT game collection where the game players need to purchase an NFT to play the game. The game developers can also earn and stake the NFTs. They can also buy and stake SOLG tokens used in the Solgames marketplace.

The developers can gain access to the in-game analytics of their respective games. These analytics will enable them to stay updated with all the numbers. Collaborating with Solgames and building different games on the platform will enable them to

For Designers

Along with game developers, Solgames is a place for designers and audiences who have a keen interest in design and crypto. The designers in the Solgames ecosystem design the NFT collections for every game hosted on the platform.

When game players purchase the NFTs to play any game, then a percent of the purchased amount accounts for the royalty to the designer. They can earn royalties on each gaming NFT collection that they design.

The game fans and designers can buy or sell the NFTs or also become an NFT collector by purchasing the NFTs from different game NFT collections. The biggest plus point is that game designers can build an NFT designer portfolio

For Gamers

Players are the main constituents of the solverse. They run the entire ecosystem by playing, engaging, and competing in competitions. Solgames is a hub for both single-player and multiplayer games. These games are all free to play.

To casually play any game on solgames, they need to purchase NFTs from the game NFT collection. To win rewards in SOLG, the players need to pay a minimum token amount. Once the leaderboard is finalized the top winners will be rewarded in SOLG tokens.

The winning amount is always pre-determined by the game developer while building the game.If the player still wants to continue playing the same game, then they opt to recharge the NFTs. The players can stake the SOLG tokens, buy or sell NFTs, and stake the NFTs

Our Roadmap

Many of Solgames’ games will incorporate multiplayer functionality, allowing players to use the items they earn via gaming both within and outside of the game.

Additionally, Solgames NFTs have a rental feature that enables NFT owners to earn a passive income while still remaining a part of the Solgames ecosystem by renting their NFTs in the marketplace to interested gamers at significantly lower prices.

How can you contribute?

We are looking to collaborate with people that have a passion for creating products for the Web3 ecosystem and who practically live there. People are being hired by Solgames in a number of disciplines, including community and business development, marketing, growth, and development. For collaborations or questions, e-mail [email protected] or [email protected].

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