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Hideo Kojima Explains Nicolas Winding Refn’s Character In Death Stranding


“Heartman’s heart stops every 21 minutes. What happens is that he dies and he looks for his family on the other side for three minutes,” said Kojima.

In a panel conversation with film director Nicolas Winding Refn and The Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley on Saturday evening, Video game director Hideo Kojima showed off new footage from his latest game, Death Stranding.


The footage showed Nicolas Winding Refn’s character, Heartman who lives in a 21-minute loop. The character dies after every 21 minutes and remains dead for three minutes, during which he looks for his family on the other side.

During the panel, Nicolas Winding Refn talked about his relationship with Kojima. He said:

“One of the things that bonded us is that we are very similar. We both like silence. A very beautiful relationship began between us and we have traveled the world together — like a couple”

Refn also talked about the process of bringing his character to the game. “I make movies and when I work with actors, it’s flamboyant and colorful and warm, and then I come here and it’s like, ‘Take your clothes off. We’re going to paint your face with dots,'”


Kojima also talked about the blurring the lines between Hollywood and gaming industry. He said:

“120 years ago films were created and at first you had to go to a theater to watch them. Then came the TV. Then came streaming. Gaming will be streaming, too. I think games and movies, in the near future, will come closer. We’re going into an era of new possibilities.”