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Cred Arcade: Win upto 10k Rupees Playing Games!

Cred has brought back it’s beloved Cred Arcade Rewards which include 3 skill based fun to play games – Bill Breaker, Flappy Plane, Rescuer Red. Cred is running competitions for each game in which the top players according with the highest score will win cash rewards.

If you still don’t know about Cred, i actually wonder are you living under a rock, Cred has revolutionized the Credit Card payment flow for Indians and is also one of the best startups in terms of Design, ethics and popularity in the Fintech space.

Cred app allows users to pay the bills of their multiple credit card seamlessly in one single app with revealing the hidden charges and offers for each card. Users get notifications whenever a new bill is generated for any of their linked Credit cards and Cred also reminds you to pay the bills before the last date to avoid any late fees. Therefore it simply reduces some of the hassles faced by Indian Credit card users and gives you great rewards along the way.

Steps to Win up to 10000 rupees by playing Arcade Games like Cred Rescuer Red –

  1. Go to Club Tab From the bottom panel in the Cred App.
  2. Find a game like Rescuer Red, Flappy Plane or Bill Breaker.
  3. Click on Play Now
  4. Now just play buy spending your Cred coins. (500 coins for 3 lives)
  5. You can earn Cred Coins by playing Credit card bills or paying your rent through Cred app.
  6. Now to win the cash rewards you have to be in the top 3000 players in the leader board.

Check out the spread of prizes according to the position you get in the leader board. Each game has a timer which denotes the ending time for that respective game at which point the prizes will be distributed

For some reason Cred app is showing some games to selective users only, like in my app i am only able to see the Rescuer Red Game.

Cred is literally giving free money just to play games, You can join Cred if are still not a member and get rs 500 when you pay credit card bills. – Hi! I am sending you a minimum of Rs. 500 towards your credit card bill this month.
Sign up on CRED using this link and claim a minimum cashback of Rs. 500 and other rewards when you make your first payment. Hurry, this link of CRED expires in 48 hours.

Join Cred –

Also check out this Awesome case study by Mayank KhandelwalMedium Article

In the article Mayank talks in detail about what went behind the scenes in building Cred Arcade games and how he designed the flows and reasons behind their decisions.

It also shows how amazing were the rewards last year when the app still relatively unknown, like the top 5 players would have gotten a Macbook Air just by playing some dumb games, It really shows you the benefits of being early using a great product.

Share your high scores and what games are you able to see in your Cred App in the comments.