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Game Of Thrones Visual Effects Supervisor Talks About The Backlash

game of thrones

Game of thrones has been a trend among the people for quite some time. While the show ended this year, the fan theories and discussions regarding the show are still going strong. With such a huge fanbase, it is hard to impress everyone.

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The majority of fanbase was not satisfied with the final season of the epic show. While some had a problem with some character’s arc, others were angry about the technical issues. One common issue that almost everyone had was the low light levels in episode 3. Visual effects supervisor Martin Hill, from Weta Digital talked to regarding this. He said:

“I actually was fortunate enough to go to a cast and crew screening in L.A. at the Mann’s Chinese Theater for Episode Three. And when we saw it there, it didn’t look too dark at all, and it looked really great. And the reaction from the cast and crew when the Dothraki light up in that big wave, the shot we did, people just started screaming, and it was just this terrific feeling. So yeah, I don’t know, maybe there was something not quite right with the compression settings on the streaming services or something. I had a look at it again. It did seem a little darker on the TV.”

game of thrones

He also said that it is hard to impress everyone since the fanbase is huge.

The show is watched by so many millions of people that, of course, it’s not going to suit everyone,” Hill pointed out. “What fascinates me is just the amount of passion for the show, where you’ve got people just being so involved in it and taking it so personally. That really shows how highly the esteem of the show is held by the fans, and I think that’s terrific.”
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