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Review: Xnspy a Tracking App for Android

Review: Xnspy a Tracking App for Android

Do you want to know what secrets are concealed in your children, employees and significant other’s cell phone? If you have the urge to uncover these secrets, there is an app for that. Xnspy, a tracking app for Android phones and tablets can be used to track your kids, employees and loved ones’ phone and online activities.

The stealthy app will allow you to affirm or dispel your doubts about your business, children, and family. With the support of Xnspy, you can lay your eyes on all the data that goes through the monitored device. All the information from the target device is uploaded to your personal web account, so only you can view it whenever you want and from any device that has an active internet connection.

About Xnspy

  • Ease of Use

Xnspy is pretty easy to use. With a streamlined interface and appealing graphic design, it didn’t take me too long to figure out how I can use this tracking app for Android and what it is. Monitoring online activities is as simple as clicking on the ‘Dashboard’ and accessing all the categories under which data is uploaded from the target device. You can track monitored person’s activities even on the go and it works seamlessly.

  • Customer Support

Xnspy has an extensive collection of FAQ questions on its website that cover pretty much every aspect of this software when it comes to providing self-service support. I was pleased to see that these FAQ questions are organized in a very effective way. They are in order and I was able to find the pertinent questions within a matter of seconds. Apart from the FAQ questions, the tracking app for Android also offers 24/7 Live Chat and email support, so users can instantly seek assistance when they need it.

  • Pricing

Xnspy has kept things simple. The tracking application for Android offers only two subscription plans: Basic Edition and Premium Edition. It enabled me to pick a plan without giving it much thought as I knew I have extensive spying needs so I picked the Premium package without ado. And it turned out to be a pretty good deal. Considering that I was able to get a huge cache of features for just $12.49 a month. I don’t think that any other top-ranked spy app is offering its premium package at such a low price. While we’re on the subject, let me tell you that the Basic Edition of Xnspy is even cheaper, $8.33 a month.

Features of Xnspy

It’s one of the tracking apps for Android that offer a broad range of monitoring functions. Together all these functions ensure overall monitoring process. Here is what you can do with the help of this spying tool:

  • Phone Calls Monitoring

With Xnspy, you have the opportunity to track all the calls that were made or received on the target device. I was able to hear who the monitored person is talking to and who is calling him more often. All the recorded phone calls can be overheard by accessing the ‘Call Recording’ option in the web account. It even offers call duration and time and date stamps of each call.

  • Read Text Messages

Using this tracking app for Android allowed me to track all the text messages (IM chats, SMS, emails and others) that were sent or received by the target as it makes a copy of all the text messages viewed on the Android device.

  • Tracking Phone’s GPS

I was shocked to see that Xnspy gave me the exact current GPS location of the monitored device as soon as I hit the ‘Locations’ tab from the side menu of the web account. In fact, the advanced monitoring solution gave me the complete history of the sites that the target has visited. The visited locations were highlighted on a map. This allowed me to effortlessly decipher the whereabouts of the target during the day.

  • Social Media Monitoring

Not only the tracking app for Android can monitor social media messengers like Facebook Messenger, the sleuthing program also enabled me to peek into the target’s social network accounts. I was able to see various activities on Instagram and Tinder, including chats.

  • Tracking URL History

The surveillance software seamlessly allowed me to track all the bookmarked and frequently visited websites. It gave me a good idea about the target’s online interests.

Good Things About Xnspy

  • Access Deleted Data

The most amazing feature of the snooping app is it can even retrieve deleted information. This makes it an ideal solution for those who believe monitoring someone is useless because the target can delete their messages and call records when they are looking to hide something. To my surprise, Xnspy is quite efficient when it comes to recording the information. The tracking app for Android creates a copy of chats, messages and other data that the target views on their cell phone and that too without giving any hint of its presence to the monitored person.

  • Monitor In Offline Mode

The monitoring app for Android can register the GPS location of the target device throughout the day, even if the device isn’t connected to the internet. This means location data is tracked and monitored even in offline mode, but it can be accessed only when the user goes online.

Not-So-Good Things About Xnspy

  • No Spy Cam Feature

Most users seem satisfied with the software, but one complaint that sticks out is that Xnspy doesn’t offer a spy camera feature. This seems to me a bit of an oversight as it can prove an awfully handy function when you are looking to eavesdrop on someone.

  • Support Android and iOS Devices Only

Based on my experience with the tracking app for Android, I feel that Xnspy should offer support for other devices such as BlackBerry and personal computers. Not only it will help the program gain a huge users base, but also allow it to compete with the likes of mSpy and other prominent spy apps that are offering this feature.


Of course, Xnspy lack in a few areas, but that doesn’t make it a bad spyware at all. Especially, when you compare it with other tracking apps for Android. I was flattered to see how easy it was to set up this program since I am not a tech geek.

Furthermore, the way this app gathers important information from the target device is something that definitely needs an applaud. The team behind Xnspy have ensured that users can retrieve information without giving themselves away. This makes it a helpful tool for parents, employers, and spouses.