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5 Cool Things from Upload We Wish were Real!

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Upload is a Sci-Fi comedy series with an interesting premise of a digital afterlife in which they can still remain in contact with the real world. The story revolves around the life of a programmer (Nathan) who died in a strange autonomous car crash and his rich girlfriend (Ingrid).

5 Cool Things from Upload We Wish were Real!
amazon prime

The show is filled with many innovative things that would be really cool to have in the real world. Creating these fictional gadgets and ideas is what inspires people to push boundaries in real life.

Here are our top 5 Cool Things from upload that we wish were real –

  • Choose The Season Thermostat
    • Wouldn’t it be awesome, if we could just switch the season just as we change the temperature of our homes? Spin the dial once and it’s spring, need to go ice skating in summer, no problem just rotate to the winter season.
    • Okay, this one is a little too far fetched to be real, but we can see it happening using augmented reality, at least giving an illusion of changing seasons and the environment.
5 Cool Things from Upload We Wish were Real self driving bicycle
  • Self -Driving Rental Bikes
    • This would solve the problem of the last-mile problem of rental bikes. With the recent boom in bike-sharing and rental apps, a major problem emerged- The users would rent a bicycle take it to their destination and just dump it. Ideally, they should return the bike to the designated parking spots where someone else can rent it again. This caused damage to the company property and they had employ people to reacquire it.
    • Having an autonomous bicycle that can drive itself back to the docking station after the user has reached its destination gives new hope to the economic viability of these businesses. Also if you look closely at the car in the background is Tesla, nice detail that shows the depth of the show.
5 Cool Things from Upload We Wish were Real smartphone hologram
  • Hand Phone with a Holographic screen –
    • Imagine a smartphone with a virtual screen floating with no fear of breaking or the hassle of charging it all day. Just wear a wristband and it displays a holographic screen next to thumb and index finger.
    • Also, think how cool it would look to end the call, by just closing your fist, reminds me of flip phones.
  • Instant food printer
    • An instant food printer is much closer to reality than you think. Because with today’s 3D printing technology we have already achieved quite a lot, it’s just a matter of time that we can print complex food items that taste the same as manually grown and cooked.
    • The raw ingredients would have to be natural to be truly similar to the actual food that we eat today.
  • Dog Therapists
    • Think of a cute dog sitting in your lap while you pet him, And he starts talking a deep and relaxing voice – “I sense that you are tensed and something bothers you. Wanna talk about it?”.
    • It gives a whole new meaning to man’s best friend, just imagine telling your complex relationship problems to a dog. Quite different from a human therapist as you just pour everything that is in your mind without the fear of being judged. We think they would be a lot more effective too because our pets are wired to make us smile and happy in order to get rewarded.

While it is important to be innovative and develop new interesting ideas, some things should remain fictional, just like the last device in the video. Just imagine if it was in your supermarket.

Did you like any other cool thing from Upload tv series that you would love to have in your daily life, if so please tell us in the comments.

Images: Gamespot, Amazon Prime