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Kevin Feige Explains Spiderman: Far From Home Post Credit Cameo

Spiderman: Far From Home Post Credit
Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Spiderman: Far From Home

Spiderman: Far From Home is in theaters and fans are loving the latest addition to the MCU. While the movie has a lot of great scenes, the post credit scenes take the cake. There are two scenes to wait for after the movie – One mid credit and another after the credits roll.

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The mid credit scene shows Peter back from the European trip swinging around New York with his girlfriend, MJ. Just as Peter is about to leave, he stops to watch a news broadcast. The broadcast shows Mysterio’s final message, framing Spiderman for the attacks and also outing Spiderman’s real identity. Right after Mysterio’s message, we see J. Jonah Jameson, played by JK Simmons calling Mysterio a hero and blaming Spiderman for the destruction.

This is a huge deal for the fans since JK Simmons played the same character in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman trilogy. During an interview with Screen rant, Kevin Feige talks about the scene and how it came to be. He said:

It was one of the early ideas when we started working with Amy and Sony on the Spider-Man franchise and the kind of things we wanted to do. A younger high school-based Peter, taking him to places he hasn’t been before, interacting with the other MCU characters. J. Jonah Jameson was one of them. He wasn’t in either of the two Amazing [Spider-Man films], so we felt like we had to do that at some point. Homecoming didn’t seem like the right idea, and then 95% of Far From Home takes place outside the city. So it felt like that was the opportunity to do a number of things. One: to have Mysterio win in a way that you’re not expecting, to have Mysterio pull one last trick on him. And in those conversations with Jameson, it was always about how the notion of the powerful publisher doesn’t exist anymore. Selling newspapers, “get ‘em out, they gotta go to print!” is a very romanticized notion that doesn’t exist anymore. So, you know, in the Ultimates there was the Daily Bugle website and things like that. But taking it into an even more contemporary radical left and radical right news journalist that kind of scream in front of the camera. And thinking, “Who could do it?”
The thing is, JK Simmons is such a versatile actor. Look at what he’s done over the years since his iconic portrayal of this character in the Sam Raimi films. And then all of his work, Whiplash being one of the biggest ones. It can be the same actor with that somewhat similar voice inflection, but with a totally different persona. That had never been done before. We really liked the idea that it’s a new Jameson, he’s not from another dimension or multiverse or something like that. It’s a new Jameson in this world played by the same actor.
Spiderman: Far From Home Post Credit

While this might bring joy to the people who wanted to see a multiverse with Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman, Feige specifically says that this does not mean there’s a connection between the two Spidermen. And while he’s playing the same character, fans can expect him to be quite different in the MCU. How this latest addition to MCU plays out will be something to look forward to.