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Two Obstacles That Are Reportedly Standing In The Way Of Man of Steel 2

man of steel 2

DC universe is in a mess right now. With Snyder Cut Justice League coming out next year on HBO Max, fans will finally get to see Henry Cavill again as Superman. But Cavill’s future as the lead man and Man of Steel 2 seem to be a problem at the moment.

According to some inside information received over at Heroic Hollywood, Warner Bros. is not confident that Henry Cavill can lead a movie. While Superman has been one of DC’s most prized possession, WB reportedly thinks that Cavill’s Superman would not be profitable for the studio:

“A standalone Superman movie would not be successful at this time. Perhaps once there’s more momentum after playing a supporting role in some successful DC films, there would be more of a chance for a standalone film.”

Sadly, this might not be the only thing standing in the way of fans getting a Man of Steel sequel. According to Heroic Hollywood, Man of Steel 2 is not moving forward because of the $500 million deal between WarnerMedi and Abram’s production company Bad Robot. Ever since the deal, rumors have sparked that Abrams is involved in a new Superman movie. The insider explained it as follows:

“If your plan is to attract an A-list filmmaker like J.J. Abrams to direct such a property, like Superman, they’re going to demand they cast who they want in the title role.”

This news should be taken with a grain of salt and treated as a rumor for the time being. But if J.J. Abrams is involved in the future of Superman, it would make sense that Abrams would want to direct a Superman of his choice. Considering Superman’s stature in the comic book universe, Henry Cavill’s version would definitely not be the last on screen. We will just have to wait for WB to make the decision.