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How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency [Guide]

Earn Free Crypto

2021 has been great for the crypto market so far with waves of new investors coming in, a lot of the credit goes to doge coin. While a lot of crypto veterans think doge coin will ultimately plummet and bring crypto market down with it, no one can deny that the meme coin has opened doors for the new investors to the world of blockchain.

With so many options for the investors to choose from, investing in cryptocurrencies could prove to be overwhelming at times. While the meme coin trend is proving to be successful for people with high risk, high reward appetite, it might not be something that the fresh entrees would prefer.

The world of crypto brings a lot of good prospects in terms of technology to the market. Cryptocurrencies like ADA, DOT, VET and ETH who are trying to fix real world problems are great examples of this. These tech do bring exciting opportunities , but these are not the only reason why some people are invested in crypto.

How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency –

There are ways to get free cryptocurrency by adopting few easy routines or exercises. Each way of earning free crypto could be unique, but most of them are trying to aware people more about the technology behind these wonderful digital currencies. If you want to get free cryptocurrency , you have come to the right place. Here is a list of few ways on how to earn free cryptocurrency currencies in starting today

1. Brave Browser For BAT Tokens

how to get free cryptocurrency

The best way to earn free crypto is using the Brave browser. Brave is a free and secure browser for windows, mac and mobile. Users can earn Brave’s own crypto currency called as Basic Attention Token, or BAT simply by browsing. To start earning crypto by browsing, user has to opt in to Brave rewards feature and view advertisements shown from time to time in notification bar.

Users can also contribute their earned crypto to content creators , if their website or blog is enabled for Brave rewards. This is a great way to appreciate good content over internet. Aside from these perks, Brave browser also has few useful features:

  • It is three times faster than Chrome
  • It blocks data grabbing ads from websites
  • The UI is clean and user friendly

You can download Brave browser from this link and start earning today.

BAT CoinmarketCap :

2. Presearch Search Engine For Presearch Token

how to get free cryptocurrency

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that rewards users with presearch tokens for searching with their engine. They are building an ecosystem which also includes presearch nodes and keyword staking. About 0.12 PRE token is rewarded for every search, and an individual user can earn up to 8 PRE tokens in one day.

The PRE tokens can be used to either run advertisements on the platform or converting into local currency. As advertisers purchase these tokens to target search keywords, PRE tokens can be converted for local currency between advertisers and search engine users.

User must have at least 1000 PRE to withdraw the tokens and convert it to local currency.

Presearch CoinMarketCap :

3. StormX Application For STMX Tokens

how to get free cryptocurrency

StormX is an online shopping application that rewards shoppers with cryptocurrencies for using their application. There are more than 750 shops available at StormX app, and they claim that users can receive between 0.5% to 87.5% crypto cash back, depending upon their StormX reward membership.

Some of their stores include Nike, Uber, Ebay and Samsung. Once you have more than $10 worth of crypto, you can transfer them to wallets like Trust or Metamask. Best part is that the app not only rewards with STMX tokens, but also Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Dai Yearn Finance.

You can use the following referral link to download StormX application for your Android or IOS device. Both of us will earn rewards for using the referral link : Referral link

STMX CoinMarketCap :

4. WeNano Application For Nano tokens

how to earn free crypto

Think of Pokémon Go, but catching Nano tokens instead of AR Pokémon’s. That’s the idea behind WeNano. Users can drop their Nano at certain places, and other users can go to those geological locations and pick those dropped Nano. You can also leave messages at those spots while picking or dropping the Nano.

What’s good about Nano is that the protocol has no transaction fees and transfers within an instant. Another great thing about it is the community behind it. You can find the reddit community at this link and see for yourself.

You can also visit this website to see more ways to earn free Nano tokens.

Nano CoinMarketCap :

5. Swash Browser Extension For Data Tokens

how to get free cryptocurrency

Swash is a browser extension that rewards users for surfing the web. Users can simply install the extension in any of their browser, surf and start earning.

The developers behind Swash believe that users should be paid by tech companies for using their data without their consent. The data that is generated while surfing is captured, pooled, and then sent to a decentralized place where data buyers can pay for its access. Users earn DATAcoin for surfing the web, which is stored in a wallet over the Swash extension.

You can use this referral link to download the Swash extension to your browser. We will get 1 Swash for every successful referral : Referral link

Data CoinMarketCap :

6. [email protected] Project To Earn Bananos

how to earn free crypto

[email protected] is a distributed computing project which aims to help scientists develop new therapeutics for different diseases. It utilizes computers across the globe where each machine receives a piece of work unit, completes the work, and then send them back to project’s database servers.

To earn Banano cryptocurrency for running these complex algorithms for medical research, you can add your banana wallet address to and start earning. You can download Kalium wallet for Android or IOS or add BananoVault as a web-based wallet. More information to earn free Banano can be found at

Banano CoinMarketCap :

7. Application For Theta Tokens

how to get free cryptocurrency is an entertainment platform where users can watch videos and play games to earn TFuel tokens. The Theta network was created to solve the problem that big companies like YouTube and Twitch face with Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

These companies must pay a lot of money to CDNs to relay their videos to the end user, so the parent company for Theta decided to reward users with Theta tokens for relaying video content for them to other users. This keeps the quality higher, as well as upload time shorter.

Users can donate these theta tokens on the platform to their favorite content creators or use these tokens to shop in Theta’s online store.

TFuel CoinmarketCap :

8. Faucets For Different Tokens

how to get free cryptocurrency

Faucets basically give away small amounts of crypto currency to users for completing a task. They are a means to make the crypto currency more widely accepted across the globe.

To earn through these faucets, users would need a dedicated wallet for most of these different cryptocurrencies. Here are some faucets that you can look in to earn free cryptocurrency.

BitcoinCash Faucet :

Nano Faucet :

Algorand Faucet :

Banano Faucet :

9. Airdrops –

An airdrop, in the cryptocurrency business, is a promotional activity in which the crypto founders send coins or tokens to wallet addresses in order to promote awareness and build the network trust by increasing token holders. Small amounts of the new virtual currency are sent to the wallets of active members of the blockchain community for free or in return for a small service, such as retweeting a post sent by the company issuing the currency.

Genuine Airdrops will never ask for investment or seed phrases of your wallet, just enter your wallet address of the respective token you want after creating a wallet or the exchange address from an exchange.

Check out some links given below –

Coinbase Earn – Link

Airdrops Alerts – Link

10. Go Sats App

Go sats is a cashback rewards app that rewards its users for shopping through its chrome extension or users can directly buy brand vouchers that are redeemable at the particular stores. Gp Sats has also introduced a daily spinner from which you can earn up to 5000 sats (0.00005 BTC) daily.

The link is given below.

11. Referral Links –

Referral links are simple bonus crypto tokens that you will receive if you sign up using these links.

  • GoSats – Use my referral code: GSAN8811 to get 1000 sats
  • Binance – Link
  • WazirX – Link
  • BitBns- Get 100rs
  • Giottus – Link
  • CoinSwitch – Get 50rs
  • – 25$
  • CoinBase – Get 10 $

Do you know any other methods to get free cryptocurrency? If so, please let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, as we are not licensed to give advice. Please do your due diligence. Never share your wallet seed phrase and stay alert of scammers trying to give you free tokens through email.

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