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Why Ares Was Chosen According To Patty Jenkins

Wonder Woman

Last year, DC released two of its movies(Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad) both of which were not well received bu the majority of audience. Fans were starting to lose their faith in DC, but then came Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman and managed to resurrect DCEU back from the dead. The movie turned out to be a critically acclaimed one and proved to be a turning point for Warner Bros.’ DC universe.

Ever since its theatrical release back in early June of this year, Wonder Woman has broken several box office milestones, shattering even the most optimistic of box office predictions prior to its release. And as a result of Wonder Woman‘s success, Gal Gadot’s presence in the DCEU has already grown exponentially among fans and in the universe’s planned future. The movie showed God of War, Ares as the main antagonist for the movie. Director Patty Jenkins explained why she felt that the Wonder Woman solo movie had to show the the Princess of Themyscira against the God of War himself.
Wonder Woman is a character with high principles and moral beliefs and the movies manages to show that in its third act, when they reveal the true villain to be Ares. In the Blu-ray special features for Wonder Woman (via CinemaBlend), Patty Jenkins talks about why she thought it would have been a mistake to have Wonder Woman face off with any comic book villain other than Ares in her first solo live-action:
“In my opinion, it would’ve been a mistake to make a first Wonder Woman film without her absolute arch rival nemesis Ares, who is the most classic villain from the lore and is her counterpart of her point of view. She’s a god and he’s a god, and he knows something she doesn’t know and made a choice based on that. He saw the weakness in his father’s creation and is trying to show the world how bad mankind is and therefore annihilate them and get rid of them. She, in the course of her journey, learns the same thing and ends up saying ‘oh my god they are all of those things,’ but she makes the opposite choice. If her story is about a shift in point of view, his storyline is a participant with that story, instead of being a villain bad guy, which is the point of the movie.”
The end of Wonder Woman has left a lot of possibilities for new villains in Wonder Woman 2. With the script for a sequel still being written, its hard to decide if Patty Jenkins has decided for the next villain yet. Maybe we get to see Cheetah or Giganta in Wonder Woman 2.