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Get Rangoli Stamp without any Transactions on Google Pay [Flash Sale] + Giveaway!

Rangoli stamp trick offer bonanza google pay rangoli

Google has given us another opportunity for scoring the elusive Rangoli stamp called the Rangoli Bonanza!

Under this promotion anyone can grab a Rangoli stamp by just clicking on a button like a flash sale once each round starts.

These rounds start at different time and have a specific number of stamps to offer. Then Click On Claim Button as quick as possible after the round time starts. You Will Get Assured Rangoli Free Of Cost.

  • Happy Hour @ 12 AM – 100 Rangolis
  • Early Bird Prize @ 11 AM – 1000 Rangolis
  • Hungry Kya ? @ 1 PM – 1000 Rangolis
  • Chai Pakoda @ 5 PM – 1000 Rangolis
  • Time To Disco @ 8 PM – 1000 Rangolis

Each round after 12 am has 1000 stamps each, so if you click on the claim button just as round starts, the probability of getting a Rangoli is quite high.

Also this promotion gets rid of unnecessary transactions and payments for attaining the stamps thus does not waste our precious time. Either you get it, or you don’t.

Terms and conditions for the Rangoli Stamp Bonanza

You can only collect 1 Rangoli stamp through the Rangoli Bonanza. Once you qualify for a round, you qualify for all future rounds with the business as well!

With just three days left to collect all the 5 stamps and get the Diwali reward of 251rs, this is a great opportunity to collect the reward and be eligible for the Diwali Bonus Ticket of 1 Lac rs.

Giveaway of Rangoli Stamps!

  • Comment below the total rewards you have gained from google pay or the highest reward you earned from a scratch card.
  • Share this article with 3 friends.

We will randomly select 5 users and gift them Rangoli Stamps or 251 rs in their Google Pay account.

Image Creidts: BGR India, Coolztricks.