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Watch: Apple iPhone XS XR Launch On Android

Here is how to watch the Apple iPhone XS XR Launch On Android using only VLC media player.

If you don’t have any windows 10 device to watch the live stream on Microsoft Edge we have got you covered. Using VLC media player you can easily watch the Apple WWDC 2018 Livestream.

Source: HowtoGeek

Stream Apple Live Event on Android Using VLC or Twitter

Steps to watch it using VLC media player.

  • Download VLC from play store or from their official site
    • Windows users can download the VLC app from this link.
    • Android users can download the Android app from this link.

Launch VLC on your device. On the Windows or Linux version of VLC, click Media > Open Network Stream. But for the Android app, you have click on the menu button and then select the Stream option. After that just copy and paste the address of the Apple live stream in the URL box and your stream should start as soon as you press play.


Apple is also doing the livestream of their launch event on Twitter, so you can easily watch it by just going to this link on any browser or using the official Twitter app.

Now you can easily watch Apple’s latest events live and never miss any important updates.

Source: Howtogeek