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How Jane Foster Became Female Thor In The Comics

Female Thor

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jane Foster might be known as Thor’s love interest but that was not her only role in the comics. With the recent revelation that Natalie Portman will play the role of female Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder, Marvel Studios has planned to bring a famous Marvel storyline to the screen. But how did Jane Foster became worthy in the comics?

Jane Foster has been a part of the Thor comic books since the 1960s. Through the years, Jane has been a constant ally to Thor and other Marvel heroes as well. In Thor: God of Thunder #12, Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer, after which she started the treatment.

Female Thor

In Thor Vol. 4 #1, God of Thunder lost his ability to wield the hammer after Nick Fury, the man Avengers were fighting whispered something in Thor’s ear. As a result, The God of Thunder lost his powers and Mjolnir stayed on the moon. As the Frost Giants attacked Earth, an unidentified female character picked up the hammer and called herself Thor: Goddess of Thunder.

Eventually, Female Thor’s identity was revealed to be Jane Foster, who was telepathically sought out by the hammer. Right after wielding the hammer, Jane found herself in the middle of battle. Her first fight was against Malekith the Dark Elf and the Frost Giants.

Female Thor

Though Jane could fight Dark Elves and Frost Giants with her newfound powers, the transformation into Thor removed the chemotherapy treatment from her body, leaving her body with untreated cancer. She sought the help of Doctor Strange, one of the few people who knew her identity. Strange warned her to not transform into Thor, as one more transformation would kill her.

When the fate of Asgardians was on the line, Jane sacrificed herself to save them and died a hero’s death. She was resurrected by the All-father and Odinson, who learned the secret identity of Thor and was heartbroken. Finally, Odinson was once again worthy to wield the hammer and Jane continued with her Chemotherapy.

In Thor: Love And Thunder, Natalie Portman will play female Thor. Are you excited to see her as Thor? Tell us in the comments below.