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Batman Beyond Reveals Bruce Wayne’s Last Case

Batman Beyond

Batman has been on of the top favorites of DC comics for as far as we can think. But every superhero has its time, and Bruce Wayne’s too ended with his old age. When the unbeatable Bruce Wayne finally succumbed to old age, he found a new hero to carry the Batman name forward- Batman Beyond. But as it turns out, it wasn’t just the old age that led to the retirement but also Wayne’s own technology as well. Thanks to the continuing comic series of Batman Beyond that the story can finally be told.

The comic series might have been seen as a continuation of the Batman Beyond animated series, but the new DC Rebirth has brought some impressive new chapters to the Beyond saga. Not only was Bruce Wayne returned to his role as a mentor to Terry McGinnis, but also his enemies returned as well.

The unforgettable moments from Batman Beyond reveals Bruce Wayne’s last case, how he became his worst enemy and most importantly, why the story isn’t finished yet.

Batman Beyond

Obviously anyone could tell that Bruce Wayne got physically weak to defend Neo-Gotham anymore. Also that he would wound up entrusting the Batman Beyond suit, his many gadgets and abilities to a young protege named Terry McGinnis. But what’s so special about this arc? Well this one shows the moment when Bruce Wayne realized that he could no longer be the Batman Gotham needs. The moment when we get to know which villains were responsible for this.

The Banes

The villains are known as The Banes. They are shown to be the successor of the original venom fueled, super-strong Batman’s nemesis. As Bruce Wayne talks about his final days as Batman, just one successor might have been  challenging if not invincible but four venom infused villains were perhaps too much for the old Bruce.

But that’s not the end. Bruce wins this war too. (Obviously) but the technology he needed to develop in order to vanquish these foes is real heart of the story – and a major addition to the Batman Beyond fiction that’s still developing.

Batman Beyond

The suit that Bruce used to defeat The Banes is a combat suit he created to give his aging body the advantage needed to defeat The Banes so many years ago. While the suit did help him defeat The Banes, it was perhaps too much. Blocking out pain and exerting control over the suit’s weaponry, the artificial intelligence helped Bruce Wayne defeat The Banes when he showed that he no longer could. Despite broken ribs and shattered vertebrae, the suit led Bruce to victory… until it, too, was damaged to the point of collapse. Bruce’s body was permanently broken, and the suit was locked away in the Batcave.

Fans shouldn’t worry about the present of the DC universe catching up with Batman Beyond anytime soon, with DC’s creators reminding its loyal fans that more ambitious stories are still to come.

Source : Screenrant