Over the years, there have been a lot of actors who have put on the cape of the dark knight. Starting from Adam West, we have Ben Affleck now portraying the iconic superhero. Fans usually find themselves in one of the three categories. The Michael Keaton camp, The Christian Bale Camp and latest to the list, the Ben Affleck camp.

While Michael Keaton starred in only two Batman movies in the 90s (Batman and Batman Returns), he was a fan favorite till Christopher Nolan brought the The Dark Knight trilogy to the fans. Fans thought Christian Bale would be the best Batman they could get. Then came Ben Affleck with Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman and that’s when things got a little complicated.

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While most of the fans admired Ben Affleck’s performance in Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice, some thrashed his Batman because they thought it wasn’t comic accurate. We don’t know about the fans but Zack Snyder has made pretty clear who his favorite Batman is.

Zack Snyder posted this photo online on Batman Day. This post makes it crystal clear about which camp Zack Snyder falls in. While Batman V Superman was thrashed for Jesse Eisenber’s portrayal of Lex Luthor, almost everyone has accepted Ben Affleck to be a great Batman. (Leaving few) We don’t know how long Affleck will play The Batman, but for now let’s wait for the Justice League and see how it turns out.