Zack Synder’s Batman V Superman has been a controversial topic for DC from the start. While some fans thought the movie was unwatchable, others loved Snyder’s vision. Zack Snyder is here to explain one crucial scene from the movie, ‘The Beautiful Lie Scene’.

Why Superman Doesn’t Wear The Black Suit In Justice League

For those who don’t remember, this was the opening scene of the movie where young Bruce falls into a dark cave while Ben Affleck’s Bruce narrates. As Bruce stands in the dark cave, he is surrounded by bats which as we all know served as an inspiration for Batman. Surrounded by bats, Bruce hovers in the air floating up towards the light. That is when Ben Affleck’s older Bruce calls it “A Beautiful Lie”.

For the fans who thought the scene was useless, Zack Snyder is here to tell you otherwise. Recently, Zack Snyder answered a question on Twitter regarding this scene.

Zack Snyder’s vision might only be understood by some but he still deserves to be a part of  the DCEU. Tell us what you think of this scene in the comments below.