DC released two movies last year (Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad). While both the movies were financially successful, they didn’t get the critical reception that WB had hoped for. Then came Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman and things changed for DC.

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The princess of Themyscira managed to surpass every expectation and showed that DC is still in the race. The movie became the first DC comics related movie since Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises to be certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. But that’s not it. Wonder Woman managed to become the highest grossing superhero origin movie domestically. With such a tremendous reception, the studio planned to push the movie to the race of Oscars.

WB has launched a For Your Consideration Oscars campaign page, which also includes – Blade Runner 2049, The Lego Batman Movie and Dunkirk. The studio plans on submitting Wonder Woman for 15 out of the 16 eligible categories. The category includes Best Actress for Gal Gadot, Best Director for Patty Jenkins and also Best Picture. The only category they are not submitting for is Best Actor, since Chris Pine was a supporting actor.

It is difficult to tell if Wonder Woman can win an Oscar or get nominated at this point. But chances are that the movie will get nominated in technical categories such as Best Sound Editing and Best Costume Design. Fans will have to wait until January 23, 2018 for the final list of nominees.

Wonder Woman is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital.