Game of Thrones is perhaps the most watched show in the world right now. Be it Dragons or an army of White Walkers, the show has it all. Perhaps that is the reason that the show is loved by so many people. With such a huge fanbase, there are always set photos surfacing online with possible fan theories around them. And it looks like the new set photos also reveal Massive Game of Thrones Spoilers.


Warning : Major spoilers ahead 

So the Winterfell set has been put on fire for the production, and from the looks of it the set cannot be used again for the show.


These new photos have started a fan theory that maybe Viserion is behind this fire. Yes he spews blue flames but maybe it turns red when it cools for a second.

Whatever is responsible for this, this isn’t good news for the Starks. The mad queen fan theory supporters are saying that Daenerys is behind this. Or it could be Viserion. Guess We’ll just have to wait and find out.