The last season of Game of Thrones is not far away now and one way fans can still go crazy over the show are the fan theories. The show is perhaps the most watched show in the world right now and with such a huge fanbase, there’s always news of new fan theories.

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Perhaps the biggest shock of season 7 was the death of Dany’s dragon Viserion. This debunked a fan theory that Tyrion will ride the dragon. But one redditor still thinks that Tyrion can ride Viserion.

According to  redditor Aegirragnar , there are too many hints from the books to debunk the theory that Tyrion will ride a dragon. He said:

Now with that done, frequently throughout the books its been hinted that Tyrion will ride a dragon with some decent supported hints that he might be a Targaryen bastard from Aerys the mad king. Specifically its hinted that Viserion is the one he’ll ride, from Viserion getting a symbolic hints that he is connected to lion and gold (aka Lannisters), named after the only known living brother of Daenerys (if Tyrion is a targaryen bastard he’d be her only currently living sibling as a half brother), being the smallest and both the wisest (its indicated he understands people around him more than the other two dragons) and the least aggressive (similar to how Tyrion prefers to talk things out than to resort to violence), and that’s not to mention specific hints from Tyrion to connect to him.


The issue with this theory is that to ride Viserion, the Lannister will have to remove Viserion’s current rider, The Night King who as we know is immortal. So it would be quite difficult for him to remove The Night King from Viserion and take his place.

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