Perhaps Marvel’s greatest villain of all time, Thanos will finally appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe this year in Avengers: Infinity War. Though the trailer has not revealed much about the movie,the Mad Titan Thanos’ origin story was kept in the dark till now.

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Thanos' Motivations And Origin Story

Thanks to EWwe now have our first details on the main villain of the movie. According to Kevin Feige, Thanos’ motivations and origin story will be a bit different that the comics. He said:

“He’s from a planet called Titan that’s no longer inhabited because of things that he thought he could help prevent, and he was not allowed to do that. What he feared most happened, and the planet and everybody on it basically went extinct. He vowed not to let that happen again. He thinks he sees the universe going down the tubes. He thinks he sees life expanding outward unchecked. That will bring ruin, he believes, to the universe and to that life.”

While some of this is taken from the comic (Thanos being from Titan), the Titan here is not the moon of Saturn as in the comics. Infact, it is a planet. And the planet’s destruction comes at his own hands. The Infinity Gauntlet showed Thanos killing half the universe just to impress death and this new backstory is certainly different from The Infinity Gauntlet one.

Thanos’ motivations and origin story might piss some fans but Kevin Feige thinks that he did right by the character. He said:

“That’s either genius or horrific, depending on your point of view, and most of our point of views say it’s pretty horrific.”

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Source: EW