If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, then you surely must have binge watched the entire season 3 by now. Netflix has proved with Stranger Things season 3 that it is here to stay. While the new season is being watched by fans around the world, there’s one easter egg that everyone most definitely would have missed.

Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman) who comes back as the Russian translator friend of Hopper (David Harbour) played a key role this season. After apprehending the Russian scientist Alexei, Hopper and Joyce go to Illinois to Murray for his help. After Alexei provides the information, Hopper decides to call the special number Dr. Owens’ (Paul Reiser) provided.

stranger things season 3

After Hopper calls the number and tells them about their situation, Joyce decides to call them back urging them to bring backup as soon as possible. She also gives Murray’s phone number just in case. The number,  618-625-8313 is actually in service and has been added as an easter egg by Netflix.

Fans can call Murray’s number and listen to the pre recorded voice message. The phone rings three times before the message plays. There are three messages as follows:

  1. First is a message for Murray’s mother to hang up the phone an only call between five and six.
  2. The second message is for Joyce telling her that he has something to share with her, which he’d prefer to talk about in person rather than on the phone.
  3. The third is for everyone else including you saying that you aren’t clever, but nimwits for contacting him. He then orders you to hang up and never call again before calling you a parasite.

While most of it sounds like an easter egg, the second message directed at Joyce could mean something different. Since Murray can’t talk on the phone about the thing, it sounds like sensitive information. And since Joyce has moved away, Murray isn’t able to contact her anymore.

stranger things season 3

The information that Murray has to share with Joyce might be regarding Hopper’s death. Maybe he found out that Hopper isn’t dead, and was captured by the Russians while escaping. After all we never saw him disintegrate like the other Russian scientists.

The theory could be wrong and it could be just a cool easter egg added by Netflix. Guess we’ll just have to wait for season 4.