Unveiled to the public on 27th July 2017, the Phantom VIII just looks phenomenal. This Phantom is built on a completely new and a unique platform. This is the first time the car has been updated completely and looks similar but modern when compared to the Phantom VII. 


On the outside the Phantom VIII manages to looks modern and majestic. It continues to look like the VII, only fresher and smoother. The VIII is a head turner and one glance at it is just not enough. It’s a massive vehicle, although lighter than its predecessor (it still weighs 5,862 pounds/ 2659kgs), this is because of the lightweight aluminium spaceframe used for this car. Rolls Royce vehicles are built with perfection, no joint lines between body panels are visible and it seems as if the Phantom was carved out of a huge block of aluminium. The rear of the VIII is longer than before, mainly because Giles Taylor (Director of Design for Rolls Royce) wanted the car to look as though its surging forward as a boat emerging through water, and it clearly does.


Sitting inside the new phantom is like sitting in the lap of luxury, it can’t get better, everything in the VIII is on point. There’s so much of technology used in the car but it’s all so beautifully hidden. Once the doors are shut you’re cut off from the world outside, it’s all so plush and quite. The best of materials have been used inside this rolls, quality levels are all top notch.

The rear seats offer great comfort and leg room for its occupants. The VIII will also be a part of the bespoke programme that offers an even wider range of customization and personalisation of the Rolls Royce cars. There’s also the dash board panel which Rolls Royce likes to call the art gallery, where you can go creative and have all sorts of bespoke elements.

Under the hood

Although Rolls Royce’s are meant to be driven in, the car has a lot to offer for the driver as well. It’s powered by a 6.75lt twin turbo V12 which churns out 563bhp which is mated to an 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox. The 8 speed gearbox is very smooth and makes the gear changes seamless.

The car will be priced around $460,000 and will go on sale early 2018.