Star Wars : The Last Jedi has done well on the box office till now. While the movie got a solid approval from the critics,a number of the fans did not like the latest addition to the franchise. One particular thing that did not settle well with the fans was Snoke’s unexpected death.

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Recently, Rian Johnson sat with Collider , following an IMAX screening of The Last Jedi where he explained what went on in Kylo Ren’s head while confronting Supreme Leader Snoke. He said:

“In my mind, he walks in there knowing basically that he is going to betray Snoke but he doesn’t know yet exactly what the mechanism is and what his opportunity is going to be. But he’s gone in there with the intent of, whether it’s now or whether it’s later or whenever it is, when he brings Rey in there, he’s had that connection with her and what he says in the elevator… from that, in my head I thought, ‘Okay, he knows he’s going to do this but he doesn’t know how yet’ and when he sees that opportunity with that lightsaber next to him and sees Snoke distracted and realizes he can give this an attempt, he goes for it.”

The fight sequence between Kylo Ren and the Praetorian guards was perhaps the best part of the movie. Snoke’s death was unexpected and disappointed some fans considering he was supposed to be the big bad of the new trilogy.

With Rian Johnson explaining almost every scene of the movie, from why The Last Jedi didn’t give Han Solo a funeral to why The Knights of Ren aren’t in the movie, maybe we’ll get to understand more about Rian Johnson’s intentions for the movie after the comic adaptation comes out.

Source : Collider