PUBG has been on gamers’ tip of tongues since months now. For an early access game with just one map, the game is far too popular among the gaming community. PUBG developers are set to increase their popularity by finally releasing 1.0 version, coming out of the early access phase. It will be accompanied by the arrival of a new and exciting desert map.

An array of new screenshots show a lot of the map. It seems to be denser and more detailed than expected with built up tenement buildings and a whole bunch of things in various states of disrepair. Imagine getting up on the rooftops of tall buildings and cranes and sniping your enemies away in combat.

Compared to the base map there look to be a whole lot more places to hide and things are sure to get very sneaky indeed if one of these areas is hosting to the closing moments in a match.

Bluehole have promised they will be ready to launch the desert map by late December as a part of 1.0 update which officialy brings PlayerUnknowns battleground out of early access.

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