The Winterfell set of Game of Thrones is once again in light with the new set photos. Warning : Spoilers ahead. 

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Photos from Twitter account GoTlike Location were released on Sunday at it looks like a massive battle is going to take place at Winterfell. Here take a look :

While the photos are blurry, it looks like some of the corpses might be of horses. Ofcourse it goes without saying that those aren’t real horses.

There is one other photo which shows four people standing around a body. It is not clear if those are Wights or soldiers. Maybe they are just extras standing around the set. Who knows.

This looks like the aftermath of Stannis’ and Jon’s army with the Boltons in season five and six. The photos are not clear but one thing is for certain. Winterfell is in danger and a battle is on its way for Jon and his army.

Source : GoTlike Locations