Marvel’s latest show, The Gifted will soon air on TV and fans can once again watch the mutants in action. Sadly, no iconic X-Men will be a part of the show. Instead, the show will focus on Young Mutants who are trying to run away from the sentinels services. While there won’t be any mutants from the original X-Men, here are some Young Mutants you might want to know about.

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The Gifted

One of the lesser known mutants from the X-Men universe, Polaris was created by Arnold Drake and Jim Steranko and first appeared in X-Men#49 in 1968. Magneto claimed to be her father in comics and like her father, she has the power over magnetism. Emma Dumont plays the role of Polaris, and she is a key part of the underground mutant movement. Since none of the iconic X-Men will make an appearance, it’s safe to say that their won’t be a family reunion.


The Gifted

The mutant Shatter was a normal teenager until he evolved. Knowing what people did to mutants, he decided to kill himself but his new body made him invulnerable. The bullet left a crack at the side of his head but didn’t inflict any mortal damage. Played by Jermaine Rivers, Shatter has the ability to turn others into crystal.


The Gifted

You might know this one from X-Men : Days Of Future Past. Clarice Fong aka Blink has the ability to teleport herself and people around her. In the comics, Blink was frightened of her powers. Clarice could not properly control her powers, and was unable to teleport anything in an intact form. Played by Jamie Chung in the show, her character arc will revolve around her getting a better control over her powers.


The Gifted

Every superhero team has a loner. Well Young mutants found their loner. John Proudstar aka Thunderbird was a United States Marine. He became a corporal and earned many medals but was still dissatisfied with his life. He has super strength, incredible stamina and heightened senses. He also died a couple of times in the comics. Let’s hope he sticks around.

While the show revolves around Strucker family, most of the other mutants in the show have appeared in the comics. The Gifted premieres on Fox October 2nd at 9 pm