The next bezel less android flagship is here!, the LG V30. LG has learned from it’s mistakes and has listened to it’s user’s feedback and further refined it’s flagship phone.The LG V30 now sheds the secondary display in favor of a much cleaner look with almost no bezels and a tall display crammed into a small body.

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Key Features

6-inch 18:9 quad-HD+ Full Vision display
Non-removable Li-Po 3300 mAh battery
Snapdragon 835 Processor
64 or 128GB storage
B&O earbuds

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LG V30 – Camera

One thing the V30 hasn’t lost is it’s solid camera, there are two cameras on the back. One is  16 Mp with Optical Image Stabilization while the other is a wide f/1.6 aperture which helps to bring in more light and more people with a 120 degree view.While there is no portrait mode available here, the images taken from this camera are truly top-notch.

lg v30 camera specs thenerdwebSource: Android authority

It can easily compete with some of the best smart phones out there like the Samsung galaxy note 8 and s8. The Wide angle camera is just amazing, once you get used to having a wide angled camera on your phone you can’t click without it.


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The V30 looks almost ike the Samsung Galaxy S8. These phones have got a lot in common tall displays, bezel less screen, curved metal and glass body and non removable batteries. Although the S8 curves much more and is more comfortable to hold, the V30 isn’t any bad either when it comes to aesthetics.

The LG V30 has many strong points like the beautiful display, great cameras, amazing audio system with DAC’s and high quality earbuds, but the main letdown comes with LG’s ugly software which provides no extra features but makes the UI unusable,the phone would be perfect if only LG shipped it with Vanilla Android not some shit interface on top.

lg v30 thenerdweb

But when it comes to pricing V30 is expected to launch at around 45k which is far cheaper than what samsung galaxy S8 costs even after 6 months. At this price and with all these offerings the V30 can become the best selling flagship of this year and raise the falling sales of LG’s smartphones.