The reviews for DC’s latest movie Justice League are here and they are mostly positive. We have combined reviews from multiple sources for you to read them all the same page. Don’t worry, the excerpts are spoiler free.

While the movie suffered a lot of negative press due to Snyder’s last two projects getting bad reviews from both critics and fans alike, this might be a good news for DC. Mixed reactions are not always great but if Justice League had early reactions like Batman V Superman, the DCEU (Unofficial Name) would have been in serious danger.

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Variety – “Justice League,” the latest link of Tinkertoy in the DC Comics universe, has been conceived, in each and every frame, to correct the sins of “Batman v Superman.” It’s not just a sequel — it’s an act of franchise penance. The movie, which gathers up half a dozen comic-book immortals and lets them butt heads on their way to kicking ass, is never messy or bombastic. It’s light and clean and simple (at times almost too simple), with razory repartee and combat duels that make a point of not going on for too long.

Justice League Reviews

Comic Book – Justice League is the real deal. It’s an epic ensemble of super heroes. It’s the most fun you’ll have with Batman and his super friends, until their next adventure together, and marks the beginning of a brand new era of super heroes on the DC side of the spectrum. 4 out of 5 stars.

The Wrap – If “Wonder Woman” provided a glimmer of hope that DC Comics movies might start looking, moving and sounding differently than before, “Justice League” plops us right back into “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” territory, albeit with a little more wit and humanity. But if you like your superhero battles in deep dark tunnels or under skies purple with alien soot, director Zack Snyder is back with yet another installment that looks the way Axe body spray smells.

IGN – The best aspects of Justice League are the chemistry between its cast and the film’s individual depiction of each superhero. Unlike in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, these characters, Batman included, are decidedly heroic instead of unlikable and impersonal. They make an effort to save civilians and spare lives, and, ahem, come together to help each other. Justice League has some good moments and some bad ones, but it ultimately ekes out just enough entertainment value to warrant a look-see.

Justice League

Indie Wire – Taking more than one page from Marvel’s first “Avengers” installment, “Justice League” rounds up the current spate of active D.C. franchise superheroes, and the resulting 119-minute pileup of showdowns and one-liners is an undeniably tighter, more engaging experience. It’s also a tired, conventional attempt to play by the rules, with “hold for laughs” moments shoehorned between rapid-fire action — a begrudging concession that the Marvel formula works, and a shameless attempt to replicate it.

A follow-up to 2016’s Batman V Superman, Justice League will have Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ben Affleck as Batman, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as Flash, Ray Fisher as Cyborg and Henry Cavill as Superman.

Justice League releases on November 17, 2017.

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