J.J. Abrams can’t wait for fans to see the Sith Troopers in Star Wars 9.

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Though a lot has not been revealed about the movie, one new detail is being highlighted. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker will have Red Sith Troopers which were revealed ahead of the San Diego Comic Con. The suit will be on display for the fans to see at the Lucasfilm’s booth.

Sith Troopers

People who will attend the SDCC will get a chance to see behind-the-scenes video showing Sith Trooper and their design process. While the video hasn’t been released online, J.J. Abrams shared his excitement about the Sith Troopers and how he can’t wait for fans to see them in Star Wars 9. He said:

The materials, the color, the lines, there was something about the aesthetic of it that just felt absolutely right. I cannot wait for people to see the work that everyone’s done.

Fans will also be able to see the Imperial stormtrooper, TIE pilot, death trooper, shoretrooper, biker scout, First Order stormtrooper, First Order TIE pilot, and Captain Phasma at the Lucasfilm pavilion (booth #2913) at SDCC.

While the role of Sith Troopers in The Rise of Skywalker is still unknown, the second trailer might give us a glimpse of them in action. Guess we’ll just have to wait.

Source: StarWars.com