Apple Inc is set to launch new iPhones on 12th September at the new opened Steve Jobs Theatre. They are expected to launch the upgrades to the currently available iPhone and 7 and 7 plus and also the much talked about iPhone 8/Anniversary edition.

The name for the new iPhone is still not confirmed. There are a number of speculated names such as the iPhone 8, iPhone Pro, iPhone X, iPhone Edition. Do let us know what you think the new iPhone will be called in the comments.

Let us take a look the new things and features to expect from the upcoming iPhone.

1. $1000 price tag

Apple are expected to keep the price tag high for the new iPhone keeping in mind the new technology and features they are throwing in the new iPhone. Coupled up with the high storage capacity options the iPhone will touch new highs in the price tag department.

2. No bezels

Finally apple are going to ditch the thick iconic top and bottom bezels housing the traditional home button and the microphone area on the top.

3. Large OLED Display

The new Apple iPhone is going to house a new 5.8″ OLED display which is going to be supplied by Samsung. This is the first time Apple will use an OLED display in an iPhone. Expect sharp pictures and contrasts and blacker blacks.

4. All glass body

Apple will bring the all glass front and back in the new iPhone. We last saw all glass body in the old iPhone 4. Since then Apple has been using aluminum backs. Lets hope Apple doesn’t give us another bendgate like incident with the new experimented glass body and give us a strong build.

5. Goodbye to the iconic home button

To make the iPhone bezel-less Apple have to ditch their iconic home button. It’ll be replaced by a virtual home button which you’ll see while using apps and scrolling through homescreen but it’ll auto hide while you’re watching videos and looking at pictures and other similar tasks. It’ll be interesting to see how it works out for Apple. Also Apple will have to house the Touch ID somewhere else. There’s under-the-screen Touch ID rumor and also maybe they could put it on the Apple Logo at the back (That’s a big MAYBE though).

6. Eye ID/ 3-D Facial Recognition

Maybe Apple are going to dump the whole Touch ID idea and go with something different such as retina ID or 3-D facial recognition. It’d be nice to just unlock your iPhone by jst looking it in the eyes  :^>

7. Faster A11 chip

The Anniversary Edition iPhone will come with the faster A11 chip. It is expected to be significantly faster than the A10 in the iPhone 7 but also will be more efficient in terms of battery consumption.

8. New front and rear camera

According to the recent trends in mobile technology, all the manufacturers are using dual camera setups. The iPhone Anniversary edition will come with vertical dual camera setup at the back with improved Depth of Field effects than its older sibling iPhone 7 Plus. Hopefully the new iPhone will set new benchmarks in mobile cameras as the iPhone 7 Plus did when it launched back in 2016.

9. Wireless Charging

The 2017 iPhone will finally feature wireless charging, the feature most iPhone users sorely missed even after paying heavy bucks. Though you’ll surely have to pay larger bucks for buying the add on Wireless Charging dock, Apple will release sometime later after the launch of the new iPhone.

10. Storage options upto 320 GB

Apple is going another step forward with the storage its going to offer with the new iPhone. They are expected to launch a 320 gigs variant of the iPhone. It surely will hurt the pocket a lot and will most probably will be priced at more than $1000.


Time will tell what other features Apple is going to throw into the new iPhone. For that we’ll have to wait for 12th September.