To mark the release of the new PvP team deathmatch mode called Ghost War, Ubisoft has made their tactical open-world game Ghost Recon: Wildlands free to play for this weekend.

Anyone who wants to buy the game, all the editions for the game are at 50% off for the duration the game is free to play. Any progress you make during the free trial period will be carried on to the game once you buy it.

Click here to login to your Ubisoft uplay account or your PSN or Xbox account and get the game to play for the weekend.

Ghost War will be free to anyone that already owns the gameā€”it’s a 4v4 mode with 12 classes where you can revive teammates and tag enemies. From what I’ve seen it looks interesting, and the small squad size could encourage more teamwork than in most shooters.

The game has been given a “Good” response by critics and players worldwide. Nevertheless enjoy the game for free this weekend.

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