Game of Thrones is the most watched show right now. The show has a lot of characters some manage to get out the situations alive, while some are not that lucky. Speaking of deaths, Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor has confirmed the death of a character.

Spoilers ahead, so read only if you want to know.

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The director has confirmed that Benjen Stark is dead. Last seen in season 7 episode “Beyond the Wall”, the character is finally dead. Speaking on the DVD commentary for the episode, Taylor confirmed “he meets his end here.”

Benjen Stark was gone for most part of the show. While everyone presumed he was dead, his return was surprising to almost everyone. But it looks like his return was not welcomed. He rescued his nephew, Jon Snow from the army of the dead, but was faced with an oncoming army of Wights.

Fans are looking forward to the final season of the show. No official date has been released as of now.