Game of Thrones is perhaps the most watched show in the world right now. With such a huge fanbase, there’s always news of new fan theories. While some of the fan theories turn out to be true, others do not. Well it looks like another one of the fan theories has been debunked.

While Game of Thrones and HBO are trying to keep the secrets of season 8 under wraps, the news are a bit difficult to control when you have such a big fanbase. Notices for new upcoming roles have to be made public. Some of the fans have been able to put the pieces together and have put the famous fan theory to trash.


Watchers on the wall, a fan site reported last month that the production was looking to cast a number of new season 8 characters, including a Mercenary. Described as a cool and charismatic military type, this character will appear in two episodes of season 8. Fans were able to link the character to the leader of the Golden Company, a fighting force that Euron Greyjoy went to fetch for Cersie Lannister.

Daario Naharis

The fan site later confirmed the theory with the news that German actor Marc Rissmann will play the role of ‘Harry Strickland’. The actor does fit the description of Harry Strickland from the books. While there’s no doubt that Harry Strickland is the leader of Golden Company, this blows a hole in the famous fan theory.

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The fan theory suggests that the leader of this mercenary group will be none other that Dany’s previous lover, Daario Naharis. But with the recent casting of Harry Strickland, it looks like Daario won’t be the one to betray the mother of dragons after all.