Just a few weeks before launch EA Sports today uncovered FIFA 18’s new career mode features. The features revolve around player transfers and adds nice touches to it.

Basically, earlier the player playing the manager used to send bids to the team and would wait for the email reply from the team to further go with the offer or to increase the bid or to simply reject the deal. This is now changed in the new game.
In FIFA 18 the player can conduct transfer negotiations in real time which is a part of interactive cutscenes. The player first meets with the team representative to present the bid to team and when the deal goes through, the next meeting is with the star’s agent for further player negotiations.


Once the deal is completed, you’ll come across a dynamic news clip, just like real life sports coverage when a player gives a press conference. One can see these news clips when you achieve something big, like a player winning “Player of the month” or winning some trophy.

All the career features are powered by EA’s Frostbite engine. The Nintendo Switch edition won’t feature Frostbite engine. So most probably these features won’t be available on the Switch.

FIFA 18’s career mode as a whole is more realistic, intuitive, with diverse environments. Also one of new features is that one can sub players without pausing the match. That’s one feature we will love a lot. Who wants your friend or your FIFA foe to pause the game during your attack, right?

FIFA 18 launches for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 29. Preorder here.

Watch the official FIFA 18 Gamescom trailer.

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Article Source: EA Sports