Last week, CW announced the official title of Arrowverse crossover to be Earth-X. While the casual readers wouldn’t know about Earth-X, the avid comic readers might know a thing or two about it. But don’t worry,we’ve got you covered.

DC has been explaining their concept of multiverse for a long time now. While most of the Earths have their own good versions of Justice League, others are bad. Take Earth-2 for example. Earth-2 has crime syndicate, where each Justice League member has its own version of a twisted evil counterpart. But that’s just one of the many versions.

Another such Earth is Earth-X, which is supposed to be the subject of the upcoming Arrowverse crossover. While the concept of Earth-X ran for only two issues, it was widely popular among the fans. But what exactly is it? Earth-X is a parallel Earth in the Pre-crisis multiverse where Germany won the World-War II. On this Earth, Franklin D. Roosevelt has a heart attack at the peak of conflict between the allied and the axis powers. This results in Hitler developing Nuclear weapons.

Arrowverse Crossover

Hitler and his scientists continued to experiment on more advanced weaponry, and eventually develop mind-control weapons. Only some of the resistance fighters are left to save the world. The team includes Uncle, Black Condor, Doll Man, Human Bomb, Phantom Lady, and the Ray. The Ray is also set to appear in Arrowverse crossover so we’re pretty sure that the story will be somewhat similar to this.

Arrowverse Crossover

Here’s what we know about the crossover so far. The heroes will be in town for Barry and Iris’ engagement. But the party is soon crashed by visitors from Earth-X which includes the evil versions of Flash, Arrow and Supergirl. The last crossover between the four shows turned out to be a major hit and the same is expected this time too. Let’s see how it turns out.