When DC started with its Rebirth universe in May 2016, they said that it would take about two years to end the mystery surrounding Rebirth. What mystery exactly? Well, DC gave us a glimpse of some higher entity who’s watching over the whole DC multiverse in Rebirth #1. 

Coming November, DC will start with the 12 issue arc from the architect of Rebirth Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank. So far, we’ve only gotten some hints about the story and believe us, that’s not enough. So here is everything that we know so far about the much awaited Doomsday Clock. 

Doctor Manhattan and Superman Will Be The Main Focus

It is no secret that Geoff Johns has been an important man for DC for quite some time now. Working on the Rebirth as well as the Metal comic arc, the man has brought his A-game for DC. And that’s exactly what he promises to bring to this epic 12-issue event.

During an interview, Geoff Johns said that Doctor Manhattan will be an important part of the whole event.

“You don’t want to just do a cameo. It’s not a gimmick. I don’t want to have Dr. Manhattan show up for the end of Rebirth, and then he’s in two pages of a book later on. If there’s one being out there that could mess with time in such a radical way and challenge hope, I just felt like Dr. Manhattan was it.”

But that’s not it. The teaser poster released shows Superman’s logo along with the doomsday clock. He also said that Superman “is the story”.

There Will Be No Tie-Ins

Doomsday Clock DC

Anyone who reads comics would agree on one fact : Tie-Ins are frustrating. Well good news people. Doomsday Clock will have no Tie-Ins. There will only be 12 issues that you need to read to stay filled in on what is possibly being called as the biggest event comic since the Crisis. This is has been confirmed by Geoff Johns himself that there will be no tie ins to this event. We’re already happy.

The Other Members

Doomsday Clock DC

Doomsday clock will be a 12-issue comic arc and it’s safe to say that there will be other characters appearing in it other than Doctor Manhattan and Superman. While DC has officially confirmed only Doctor Manhattan from the Watchmen to be a part of this event, others have also been hinted as well.

Mr. Oz, who has been shown to be the genius mastermind behind the events of Watchmen is believed to be Ozymandias. Also, DC released a cover for the event. The cover shows Rorschach’s inkblots transforming into the logos for Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. The DC Rebirth #1 showed Superman, Batman, Green Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, Cyborg, Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman on the cover. Looks like Superman and Doctor Manhattan will not be alone.

The Timeline

Perhaps the most confusing thing about Doomsday Clock will be the timeline. During the San Diego Comic Con Johns stated that the story takes place a year ahead of “Metal” and Rebirth, and that the entire universe will “catch up” by the time the story ends.

This means the events that take place in other DC titles during that year will be leading up to Doomsday Clock #1.

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Lex Luthor Meets Ozymandias

When comic book crossovers is concerned, perhaps the most exciting thing is ‘who meets who’. We already know that the Superman, one of the most powerful beings from DC will meet Doctor Manhattan, undoubtedly the most powerful being from DC. But that’s not it.

During the Comic con, Geoff Johns told :

“I love seeing the smartest man from one world talking to the smartest man from another. The smartest man from this world, DC, is Lex Luthor. That’s all I’ll say.”

Anyone who’s remotely familiar with the Watchmen knows that the smartest man in Watchmen universe is Ozymandias. We know it Geoff Johns, we know.

Doctor Manhattan Will Not Fight The Justice League

Doomsday Clock DC

As much we enjoy watching Justice League fight, this is one fight they’d never win. The battle wouldn’t last seconds. Doctor Manhattan possesses the power to alter reality, the way he sees fit. Do you really think the likes of Batman and Cyborg could even throw a punch at someone like that. Geoff Johns said :

“You’ll never see an issue where Doctor Manhattan is fighting the Justice League. It’s just not what the story is, it’s not what we want to do.”

So this is everything that we know about the much awaited Doomsday Clock. The First issue of Doomsday Clock will release on November 22, 2017. 

What do you think should happen in Doomsday Clock? Do tell us in the comments below.

Source : WhatCulture