Star Wars : The Last Jedi is one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. The movie will be released worldwide, there’s no doubt about it but it looks like it won’t be released in every cinema.

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Disney has started making crazy demands from cinemas for their upcoming release. Star Wars : The Last Jedi is expected to bring in huge revenue for the studio but it looks like Disney is not happy with just that. According to the Wall Street Journal, Disney has set new demands for their golden ticket, The Last Jedi.

Star Wars : The Last JediUnder the new terms, Disney will receive 65 percent of the revenue generated from the ticket sales from most locations. Also, the film must be screened in the largest auditorium for at least five weeks. This is different from the previous terms of 64 percent of profit and four weeks in the auditorium. In addition to this, if the cinema fails to uphold this deal, there will be an additional five percent penalty.

Per Wall Street Journal’s report, these terms won’t come into play unless the film crosses $500 million domestically. The previous Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens shattered the domestic record with earning $937 million. It is safe to say that The Last Jedi will walk on the same path.

Star Wars

While the new demands will not affect the big cinema halls, the ones with only two to three auditoriums might be in trouble. With major releases happening in December along with The Last Jedi (Jumanji,Downsizing and The Greatest Showman), the small cinema halls might find it difficult to run The Last Jedi for five weeks.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi releases on Dec 15, 2017

Source: Wall Street Journal