The final installment to the Skywalker saga is almost here and fans are pretty excited about it. Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the new Star Wars trilogy has teased an epic lightsaber duel with trilogy’s main antagonist, Kylo Ren in the upcoming Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker.

The previous two movies in the trilogy have also seen Rey and Kylo Ren fighting each other. The Force Awakens had a lightsaber duel in the snowy forest near Starkiller base and The Last Jedi had them fighting alongside each other against Supreme Leader Snoke. Fans theories speculated that Kylo Ren might come back from the dark side to redeem himself but this new lightsaber battle with Rey might debunk that theory.

Recently, Daisy Ridley spoke about the lightsaber duel in Happy Sad Confused podcast. She said:

“We have a great fight. A great fight. And I was really happy that the Vanity Fair pictures did show a bit of it. It’s a great fight. Like I’ve become such a better fighter and they made the lightsabers lighter, so it actually looks like we’re swinging light and not like heavy, heavy [swords].”

She also spoke about The Throne Room fight from The Last Jedi and what difficulties she faced while shooting the new duel scene. She said:

“[The Throne Room fight] felt pretty cool, and also that was really hard because everything had to match up. There’s like a dolly shot coming through and it ends with me and I think I was fighting James at the time, who’s the stuntman with the two swords. It was so tiring. We did like 25 takes because if one thing was off we had to keep going. But I was really proud of that fight. This fight, it was November, we had water being thrown at us—I’m not gonna complain about the cold, I’m just not gonna do it (laughs)—so it was like a real thing of stamina. It felt really epic, and it felt epic even at the time. One can only imagine what it’s gonna look like.”
Being the last movie in the new trilogy and the Skywalker saga, the lightsaber battle in Rise of Skywalker might prove fatal for one of them. We’ll just have to wait till December to find out.
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker  releases on Dec 20, 2019