DC is running the TV with its Arrowverse right now. While its primary shows (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl) are already fan favorites, Black Lightning is also expected to air next year. But DC is not stopping just now.

DC is currently producing another TV show, titled “Titans”. While the show will be a live-action adaptation of the young superheroes, there is a catch to it. It’s not going to be on TV, and neither is the next season of Young Justice. Warner Bros. has confirmed that Titans and Young Justice : Outsiders will be aired TV but a separate DC streaming service.

Titans DC

Coming back to Titans, the show is said to focus on mainly four members as of now – Raven, Star Fire, Beast Boy and Robin. While the casting of most of the members has been done, the official air date still remains to be seen. Here is a list of the official casting as of now.


Raven Titans

Earlier this August, DC announced that Raven will be played by Teagan Croft. The Australian newcomer will be a series regular and was the first to be casted. Raven is the daughter of the demon, Trigon and is a powerful empath who has to keep her emotions intact or else she’s at a risk of unleashing her demonic side. Known for her emotionless speaking, Raven has been seen as a girl with dry humor to offer in the animated adaptations (The Judas Contract, Teen Titans). This is the first time Raven will be seen on screen.


Starfire Titans

After Raven, the next member was Starfire. Anna Diop was casted as Starfire, an alien princess who ran away from her home planet of Tamaran. Her physiology is designed to absorb ultraviolet radiation and convert it into pure energy, which allows her to fly at supersonic speed. Also, she can shoot energy bolts from her hand. Her relationship with Dick Grayson aka Robin will be interesting to watch as the duo is shown to be dating in the current DC timeline.


Robin Titans

Perhaps the most iconic and important of the bunch, Robin will be played by Brenton Thwaites. Protege of The Dark Night himself, Robin has been a fan favorite for years now. After years of crime fighting with Batman, Dick Grayson finally emerged as the leader to his new family, Titans. Dick didn’t remain to be Robin forever though. The character is now shown as Nightwing who still leads the Titans (Sometimes). Maybe we finally get to see Nightwing after so many years of wait. Just maybe.


Hawk Titans

Yesterday, Alan Ritchson joined the cast of Titans as Hank Hall aka Hawk. With many abilities such as enhanced speed, strength and agility, Hawk uses these abilities to his advantage along with his aggressive attitude. This is not the first time Alan Ritchson has been a part of the DC universe. The actor used to play Aquaman on Smallville. Hawk will be a series regular for season 2, if the reception for the character is positive after the first one. Welcome back, Alan Ritchson.


Dove Titans

Alan Ritchson’s casting was not the only one to be announced yesterday. Minka Kelly will be a part of Titans along with Hawk as his love interest, Dove. Described as the better half of Hawk, Dove is somewhat the opposite of her partner. While Hawk has the super speed, strength and stamina, Dove has magical and tactical abilities. Minka Kelly might be a stranger to DC universe, she’s no stranger to the action sequences having worked in Charlie’s Angel in past.

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The only main member who remains to be casted is Beast Boy. Written by Academy Award-winning scribe Akiva Goldsman, DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns, and Arrowverse architect Greg Berlanti,Titans is expected to premier in the first half of 2018.