As gamers, we all have great memories of some great games that we played in our childhood or some modern ones with great visuals and breath-taking action sequences and storylines. We have come up with a list of our favourite game franchises that we cherish. The rankings are the authors’ views.

#10 Tomb Raider


We always loved our very own Lara Croft traveling the world for finding the lost and forgotten artifacts and also doing silly stuff and always finding herself in trouble. The franchise will never grow old no matter how many sequels Ubisoft launch. The games are always fun and always have an intriguing gameplay which includes action and puzzles. The character itself is loved by the fans which led Angelina Jolie to play Lara Croft in a movie which was not so very popular and loved by Lara Croft fans.

Publisher: Ubisoft


#9 Metal Gear

Metal Gear is known to us since way back from the days of the original NES. The action adventure series has a cult following because of the notable traits including cinematic cutscenes, intricate storyline and fourth wall humour. Metal Gear was originally designed by Hideo Kojima. Since then, Metal Gear series has now sold over 39 million copies, the latest edition being Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Publisher: KONAMI


#8 Need For Speed

Best known by its initials NFS, the series centres around illicit street racing and various racing gangs. There have been 23 games released till date garnering millions in sales. The fans love it for its arcade style gameplay and adrenaline pumping cut scenes. We’re eagerly waiting for the upcoming Need For Speed: Payback which is due for release this Winter.

Publisher: EA


#7 Half Life

Valve’s iconic shooter introduced us to great visuals as well as an unforgettable tale that the fans are still clamouring about for more of years later. Half life is a memorable no matter when you go back playing our one of the favourite silent protagonists Gordon Freeman.

Publisher: Sierra Entertainment


#6 Fallout

Bethesda gave us some people’s favourite sandbox series with the Fallout series. Each game is set in a post-apocalyptic United States allowing the player to roam and explore the dead world which has us fighting synths, robots, human raiders and crafting weapons and building skills to make the protagonist stronger and immune to the cruel apocalyptic nuclear era.

Publisher: Interplay Entertainment/14 Degrees East/Bethesda Softworks


#5 Tekken

Just when Street fighter became the benchmark of fighting games, Namco came out with Tekken to make it share its portion of knuckle banging. Tekken has cult like following who live and breathe the moves and story lines.

Publisher: Namco



FIFA has always been the bread winner for EA. It’s the most successful franchise in the history of video games. With such collection of sequels and spin-offs, there’s no end to its reign. The games are authentic and EA come up with something new and exciting each year to make the new game even better than the best of their own previous editions. It captures the truest and the most realistic gameplay.

Publisher: EA Sports


#3 Pokemon

Everyone felt the insatiable urge to “catch them all” and there were quite a few Pokemon to catch including the iconic Pikachu who remains the figure head of the franchise. As of February 2016, more than 279 million Pokémon games have been sold worldwide, more than 200 million of which from the main series. This makes Pokémon the third best-selling video game franchise, behind Nintendo’s own Mario franchise and the Tetris series of block puzzle games. The franchise’s mascot is Pikachu.

Publisher: Nintendo


#2 Super Mario Bros.

There’s no person in the world who doesn’t like Mario. The plumber has entertained everyone from children to adults.  The series features both 2D platform games, the first of which has been Super Mario Bros., as well as 3D platform games, the first of which has been Super Mario 64. In 2010, the series celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros.

Publisher: Nintendo


#1 Grand Theft Auto

No one can dispute the fact that the Grand Theft Auto just changed the world of gaming every time Rockstar came up with their latest addition to the GTA series. All the developers and publishers try to match their gameplay, story, action and visual standards. GTA sets the benchmark for the gaming industry and their latest edition Grand Theft Auto V seals the fact by becoming the Most Successful Entertainment Launch in the world beating all comics, movies and games. The games allow the player to take on the role of becoming a successful criminal growing through the ranks of organised crime.  One can go driving, swimming, dancing, taxing, flying, bowling, golfing, even playing video games and everything else one can think of. That’s what basically makes it everyone’s favourite game series.


Publisher: Rockstar Games