The new Audi A8 has finally been unveiled, and it’s just spectacular to look at. The car had been shown to the public on a special event hosted by Audi in Barcelona. It is a high tech sedan with which Audi intends to mount a successful challenge against its up market rivals such as the BMW 7 series and the Mercedes Benz S-class.


The front of the A8 is dominated by a huge reshaped hexagonal grill which is very flat and makes it look strong and muscular from the front. The headlamps have been redesigned and look sleek and modern, they house LED HD technology plus you can get them with laser light which offers a ultra-high beam.

It has a crease that runs the entire length of the car. The roof line extends quite far to the back and gives it a coupe like look, although it has more headroom than before.

What stands out though is the new tail light treatment, which has a LED strip running through the length of the boot and makes it look very distinctive.


The interior of the new car is a massive step up from the old car, it’s just amazing. Being Audi’s flagship variant it is completely packed to the brim with technology and equipment that has never been seen before. The interior is modern and gone are the old rotatory knobs and buttons, everything is now touch activated. The quality of the dash is something even BMW and Mercedes cannot match, the interior just looks revolutionary, and it feels like a place from the future. The attention to detail is just enormous. The AC vents fold themselves inside the dash neatly and can be retracted by a single swipe on the touch panel, and even the front central armrest is heated so even the chauffeur gets a lot of comfort on the front.

The new A8 is 37mm longer than its predecessor, which means you get more legroom on the inside. The backseat in the A8 is place to be, it’s so comfortable, and everything can be controlled via a touch of a button. The backseat can be reclined according to your position of comfort, it has a ridiculous amount of massage functions, and you even get a first in class heated massaging footrest. The backseat passengers get a tablet with which you can control the ambient lighting of the car. You’ve got 2 screen on the back of the front seats which are retractable, on which you can watch TV and do a whole lot of stuff. You even get a wireless phone charging slot in the armrest so that you can charge your phone on the go.


Engine choices include

  1. 3.0lt V6 Diesel
  2. 4.0lt V8 Diesel
  3. 3.0lt V6 Petrol
  4. 6.0lt W12 Petrol

All engines are mated to a 8-speed automatic gearbox with quarto four wheel drive.


On the inside it’s got 2 two touchscreens one is a 12in infotainment system on top of the dash, with very high resolution, and the other is below it which eliminates all the knobs and switches for the air-con controls, seat ventilation, drive mode selector, basically it’s the go to place in the car, it’s very crisp and easy to use. It also has Audi’s Virtual Cockpit for the driver which doubles up as the speedometer of the car and provides the driver with all the vital information such fuel consumption, navigation, distance to empty, etc.

You can park your A8 using your mobile phone similar to the BMW 7 series which uses its smart key to do so, but you can steer the A8 into a parking space where as the BMW just goes back and forward.

This car comes with level 3 autonomous driving, what that means is the car can drive itself at speed of 37mph, it can do the steering, the acceleration, the braking, it can even stop and start the car without any human interference.

Price Range is expected to start around $86,000-$90,000 when it goes on sale in 2018.