Warning : Contains Spoilers For Thor : Ragnarok

Thor : Ragnarok is turning out to be one of the best Marvel movies till date. While the movie is being called as the best Thor movie ever, the movie is more than that. Thor : Ragnarok has a lot of connections to the vast cosmic Marvel universe and that means a lot of Easter eggs.

10 Easter Eggs From Defenders That You Might Have Missed

While Thor : Ragnarok is visually stunning, the movie has a lot of Easter eggs for the fans to spot. If you missed them, fear not. We’ve got you covered. So here is a list of 10 Thor : Ragnarok Easter Eggs we think you might have missed.

10. Hela and Fenris 

Thor : Ragranok Easter Eggs

Everyone already knew that Hela was going to be the main villain in Thor : Ragnarok. But only a few know that Marvel changed Hela’s story from the comics. For those who don’t know, Hela is actually Loki’s daughter in the comics. But in the movie, Hela is Thor and Loki’s sister….. Weird you think? That’s not it.

When Hela smashed her way to the vault in Asgard, she revives a giant wolf. Hela immediately refers to the wolf as Fenris. Now Fenris isn’t a wolf in comics. Infact, he is Hela’s brother. Both of them are Loki’s children.

9. Throg 

Thor : Ragranok Easter Eggs

Thor : Ragnarok is full of jokes for you to laugh about. One such joke was when Thor mentions how Loki turned him into a frog. That’s not just a joke actually. It is actually a reference to a hybrid of Thor and Frog, called Throg. He first appeared in Thor #364 in 1986. Comics are weird, man.

8. Scrapper 142

Thor : Ragranok Easter Eggs

Valkyrie’s entry in Thor : Ragnarok was amazing, there’s no doubt about it. But there’s another Easter egg hidden in that scene. Valkyrie goes by the name of Scrapper 142 on Sakaar. That’s a reference to The Incredible Hulk #142, published in 1971 and written by Roy Thomas, which features the introduction of Valkyrie. Infact, this has been confirmed by the director, Taika Waititi himself.

7. The Password 

Thor : Ragranok Easter Eggs

When Thor tries to start the Avengers Quinjet, he needs a password. The God of Thunder tries a lot of password but nothing works. He then tries Point Break and voila! The Quinjet starts. This is a direct reference to Avengers 1, when Tony Stark calls Thor Point Break, which is the title of the 1991 action movie starring Patrick Swayze, who has blonde hair like Thor.

6. Old Thor 

Thor : Ragranok Easter Eggs

In the third act of the movie, Thor loses an eye during his epic fight with Hela. In 2013’s Thor : God of Thunder, Thor looks similar to his father, Odin. In this comic arc, Thor is the king of Asgard and wears an eye patch to cover his wounded eye.

5. The Fake Gauntlet

Thor : Ragranok Easter Eggs

In 2011,  Kenneth Branagh’s Thor showed a right hand Infinity Gauntlet in Odin’s vault. The same Gauntlet was shown in Thor : Ragnarok when Hela smashed her way into the vault. When Hela sees the Gauntlet, she identifies it as a fake, which makes sense since the post credit scene of Avengers :Age Of Ultron showed Thanos wearing a left hand Gauntlet.

4. Grandmaster’s Tower

Thor : Ragranok Easter Eggs

The giant tower at the planet Sakaar was shown in the trailers. For those who missed the Easter egg back then, the tower has some of the previously unseen Marvel character’s head carved on it. These characters include Beta-Ray Bill, Man Thing and Ares. Maybe these were the champions before Hulk came along and smashed every one of them. Who knows.

3. Planet Hulk References

Thor : Ragranok Easter Eggs

Perhaps the most important Hulk storyline, Planet Hulk was a comic arc that ran from April-2006 to June 2007. The Hulk’s Gladitorial look in Thor : Ragnarok has been adapted from Planet Hulk arc and the characters Korg and Meik are also a part of the same arc.

2. The Cameos 

Thor : Ragranok Easter Eggs

Thor : Ragnarok has not one but three cameos. When Thor comes back to Asgard after defeating Surtur, he finds his brother disguised as Odin watching a play. In this play,Matt Damon is the Asgardian actor playing Loki, while Chris Hemsworth’s brother plays the role of Thor and Sam Neil takes on the role of Odin.

1. Brunhilde

Thor : Ragranok Easter Eggs

Marvel changed a lot from Thor’s mythology for the movie. Perhaps the most important one was making the hero Valkyrie as an elite Asgardian fighting unit. In the real Norse mythology, Valkyrie were powerful figures that accompanied the warriors into the next life, and that is where the Valkyrie from the movie were inspired from. This means that we might not get to see the famed warrior, Brunhilde who was the original Valkyrie in the comics.

There, you have it. 10 Easter eggs from Thor : Ragnarok. Ofcourse these are not the only Easter eggs from Thor : Ragnarok. Tell us what we missed in the comments below.